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Additional Services

  • Mowing
  • Edge Trimming
  • Cleaning Our Flower Beds
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Christmas Lighting
  • Overall Maintenance
  • Tractor Mowing
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Tree Trimming
  • Shrub Pruning
  • And More!


We’ll keep your property looking pristine, so you don’t have to.

Don’t forget that Covenant Lawn Care & Maintenance LLC also offers landscape lighting. We’re located in Corpus Christi, TX. Contact us today.


Lawn Care

Living in a climate that is warm year-round is an amazing experience, however, like all great things in life there is a downside. That downside is that you will always have lawn work to do. There will always be grass that needs mowing, beds that need trimming, and bushes that need pruning. Take a stand and reclaim your time for leisure by calling Covenant Lawn Care & Maintenance LLC. We’ll take over the upkeep work, keeping your lawn and grounds pristine.

This means that all of the time you spent digging, mowing, pulling, and trimming can be spent relaxing by your pool or spending time with family and friends. Don’t let the good times pass you by!

Any Size Project

Covenant Lawn Care & Maintenance LLC is not just about individual lawns, although we gladly offer impeccable service. We are also fully equipped to handle large properties, too. To date, one of the largest land parcels we’ve maintained was 40 acres. We’re able to do this due to the flexible service provided. You can get the things you need without paying for anything extra, if you don’t want to. Our flexible plans made it possible for us to take on a RV Resort, without neglecting any of our current customers or decreasing the quality of our service!